Hooked on Dancin' with
Jim & Wanda York
Instructional Line and Partner Dancing
in the Barrel Room
Nov 4th, 11th & 18th 



Sunset Beach
Waterfront Market

November 5th & 12th
Sunset Beach Park


Silver Coast Winery Schedule of Events

Continuing Art Show in the Gallery...
The work of Niki Hildebrand
         Niki Hildebrand's work spans ideas of memory, collective consciousness, humans and transience of what we don't see and the connections of them. Engaged by the human condition her work captures sensory parts of existence, creating a play between solid visuals and indefinable matter. Niki graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design and the Rhode Island School of Design. She has shown in exhibitions internationally and sold in England, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand and United States.  Hildebrand received grants and awards, including the WH Mellon Foundation Grant as well as funding and scholarships to the Pilchuck School of Glass and Penland School of Crafts. She has taught art at UNC, Cameron Art Museum and assisted at Rhode Island
School of Design and Penland School of Crafts.
         "My love for line and shape is evident in the work, especially with life drawing and the body. My creative process relies on a constant need to make notes and drawings; I can easily fill multiple sketchbooks during travels and moments of inspiration. Some of these drawings later become prints and ideas for paintings and stained glass. I hope that you will enjoy the artwork as much as I enjoyed the creative process of making it."

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